$264.00 USD
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A wall fixture that for its shape receives a place in the Blume Designs. Two pieces of criss-crossed
natural wood veneers get along in a stainless steel plate. This product earned the Argentina’s Good
Design Seal (Seal #872). 

Height 10.6 in
Width  7 in
Lenght 12.6 in

💡1 Light Bulb 

Why Traum? A Craftmanship Product

Hello, I am Carlos the founder of Traum. After completing my degree in industrial designer, I worked for many years in Europe with the furniture industry, obtaining a master's degree in projects from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Back in my hometown Argentina, i started my own way into the industry, exploring materials, technoligies and designs. Once i figured out of product i wanted with the right quality, i founded Traum in 2012 to pursue my dreams into the furniture industry.

Lately i had the opportunity to take part in the furniture fairs in France, Italy, Buenos Aires and Chile and started working globally for commercial and residential projects.

Acttualy we are a team that designs and manufactures for worldwide design lovers, improving the life of people through the lighting.

We are ready to help you with anything you need for the project!


Why wood?

A noble material sourced from sustainable forest, the natural wood veneer has two special properties for lighting design. First, it is thin and translucent, so the light passes through in a warmer tone. This creates a special atmosphere of day/night transitions and with better lighting capabilities than solid wood.

Second, it clearly displays with the wood grain: a natural pattern drawn by nature that make the design more eye-catching and interesting. Because the wood grain is unique and unrepeatable, your light fixture will have its disctintive and original pattern.

HARZ Ltw: Outstanding Quality

HARZ Ltw is a protective layer made for wood. Its prevents damages like dampness, cracking and discoloration. We developed this technology to perform designs with great quality. Expect your light fixture to last a very long time, even under humid or heat conditions.

No maintenance will be required. Just use a damp cloth every time you want to clean the dust!